Nov 11, 2012

  Don´t let greed fool your financial decisions!
All assets price moves will be neutralized by an inverse exchange rate move,either up or down and for both.
As usual VIX indicator is showing that both good and bad near term news < have already been discounted on asset prices.

Jan 12, 2012

Coffee Update , Jan 12th 2012. Buying signals starting to show up in coffee.

Coffee futures prices may have posted a short, if not a medium term bottom!

After failing to post a convincingly close under 2.20 , a very strong technical and psychological support , prices have rebounded quickly and sharply almost 25 cts , breaking all overhead resistances . Downtrend lines and short and long ma´s resistances were also left behind on a move with good volume and increasing OI , showing that new longs are challenging recently added new shorts who sold short at market bottom.

A close over 2,38 (dec 2011 high) will start to scare the weakest bears , a close over 2,42 (2010 high) will make must of them cover shorts , possibly pushing prices on a quickly run to 2,50/2,55 , where fundamentals will impose next price move.

All graphical lines and technical indicators or oscillators supports this short term scenario.